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Asia-Pacific under Obama’s Rebalance Strategy: Regional Responses


  1. Syed Tanveer Ali Shah
    Visiting Lecturer , Department of International Relations , Karakuram International University Gilgit-Baltistan, GB, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Muhammad Muzaffar
    Assistant Professor , Department of Political Science , GC Women University Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Sidra Karamat
    Ph. D Scholar , Department of Political Science & IR , GC University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan


This paper analyzes the “pivot” or “rebalance” of the Obama administration in US relations with the Asia-Pacific region. Rebalance Strategy is a project which includes three sets of measures i.e. security, economic, and diplomatic elements. It puts a strong emphasis on Southeast Asia and South Asia to rebalance the historically strong US emphasis on Northeast Asia. However, Beijing has responded to the rebalanced approach through its hard power and soft power, arguing that the US is engaged in a plot to establish a “containment” of China in the Cold War-style. The changing game of geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific can be distinguished by the “Power Transition Theory”, via qualitative research. Hence the paper concludes with the remarks that “the US’s return to Asia-Pacific has become a model of a security that seeks to pronounce China as a belligerent and unstable Power in the region”.


Asia-Pacific, Balance of Power, New Cold War,Obama Administration, Rebalance Strategy


Article # 4
Volume # 1
Issue # 1

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