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Challenges of Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and its Effects on Students’ Learning at Secondary Level in Punjab Province, Pakistan


  1. Dr. Gulzar Ahmed
    Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Sheikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Shahid Hussain Mughal
    Associate Professor, Department of Education, Sukkur IBA University, Sindh, Pakistan
  3. Ishfaque Ali Kalhoro
    Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, Department of English Language and Literature


The main purpose of this study was to highlight challenges hinder teachers’ job satisfaction, its effects on students’ learning and suggest some measures to overcome the problem for further improving students’ learning outcomes at secondary level in Pakistan. All teachers 4237 (2257M+1980F) teaching secondary classes in total 212 (113M+99F) public sector secondary schools of district Bahawalnagar, Punjab province, Pakistan, were selected as population of the study.Out of total population, 300 (150M+ 150F) teachers teaching secondary classes from 60 (30M+30F) schools (5 teachers from each school) both urban and rural areas were randomly selected as sample of the study. This study was descriptive in nature, so a self-developed questionnaire consisting on Five - point Likert scale was used for collection of data from teachers. The collected data was organized, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted by using descriptive statistics like frequency score, percentages, mean score, standard deviation and t-value. Results of the study indicated that teachers’ job satisfaction has positive impact on students’ learning. There are many indicators responsible for teachers’ job dissatisfaction, but by provision of good salary, conducive working school environment, maintenance of discipline, physical and instructional facilitates, professional modern ICT training and positive head teachers ‘attitude with teachers can prove fruitful results to overcome teachers’ job dissatisfaction problems ultimately improve students’ learning.

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Challenges, Improvement, Job Satisfaction, Strategies, Students’ Learning


Article # 5
Volume # 2
Issue # 3

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DOI Number: 10.47205/jdss.2021(2-III)05
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