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Historical Development of Clinical Psychology in Pakistan: A Critical Review-based Study


  1. Muhammad Nawaz Shahzad
    PhD Scholar, Department of History and Pakistan Studies, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad
    Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Dr. Muhammad Waseem Tufail
    Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan


Clinical Psychology is clinical and curing psychological practices in Pakistan. The present research study endeavors to examine the contemporary status of Clinical Psychology in the country and descriptively analyzes the significant contribution of various psychologists in its development. The study also elaborates the emergence of Clinical Psychology and its treatment aspects in the country. The experimental approach of the treatment psychology has also been defined. The role of different scholars to set and promote the Clinical Psychology as discipline and dealing about treatment of Human mind has also been discussed here. The study also presented the scenario of the issues of legislative acknowledgment, qualifications mandatory for practice, communal awareness of cerebral treatment, the tradition of ethnic and native practices about the clinical psychological treatments has also been discussed.

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Approaches, Clinical Psychology, Psychologist, Therapist


Article # 23
Volume # 2
Issue # 4

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DOI Number: 10.47205/jdss.2021(2-IV)23
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