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Language and Identity: Affects of the Teaching of English in Pakistan on Identity of Pakistani Languages


  1. Muhammad Asif
    PhD Scholar, School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai University, China
  2. Prof Deng Zhiyong
    Dean, School of Foreign Languages, Shanghai University, China


This paper proposes to know the relationship between language and identity and how far the teaching of English in Pakistan is affecting identity of Pakistani languages. Even though English language learners have different purposes for learning English and different socio-political backgrounds and having English language teaching and learning practices. The data were collected from two hundred graduate participants from the two universities hundred each, i.e. Minhaj University and University of Education, Lahore, campus. However, five English Language teachers’ interview also conducted for this study and all teachers were from University of Education. The researcher used qualitative methodology for this study. In order to collect data, the researcher used two survey questionnaire designed for students and teachers as an instrumental tool. The result of this study reveals that language has a major part in showing one’s personal or social identity as a single feature of language use to identify. It is also explored that English language is affecting Pakistani languages. After learning the English language, one's perception of his or her competence, communicative style, and value systems may undergo some changes. English Language has originated the phenomenon of code-mixing in publics’ daily communication because people in Pakistan are too much conscious regarding their social status and in showing themselves as educated people.

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Affects, Identities, Language, Pakistani Languages, Teaching of English


Article # 6
Volume # 1
Issue # 4

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DOI Number: 10.47205/jdss.2020(1-IV)6
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