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Madrassah Education System: Evolution and Contemporary Challenges


  1. Sumera Zafar
    Ph. D Scholar, Department of Political Science, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Madrassah education system holds special place in the Pakistani society as it is associated with the religious education. This system of education runs parallel to the other systems of education. The origin of madrassahs can be traced back to the early times of Islam when mosques served as the learning centers for the Muslim community. The madrassahs in Pakistan received criticism after the incident of 9/11. The world community criticized madrassahs for their involvement in militant activities which, according to the dominant perception, becomes the major cause of terrorism. After 9/11 Pakistan started reform process of madrassahs and revision of their curriculum. This article is based on the qualitative research which traced back the historical evolution of the madrassah education system and finds that the curriculum needs to be revised and updated according to the modern trends.

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Evolution, Extremism, Jihad, Madrassah Education, Sectarianism


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