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Narendra Modi a Machiavellian Prince: An Appraisal


  1. Dr. Imran Khan
    Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Government Graduate College Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Karim Haider Syed
    Assistant Professor, Pakistan Study Centre, University of the Punjab Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Muhammad Yousaf
    Director, Naqeeb Grammar School, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


The comparison of Narendra Modi and Machiavellian Prince is very important as policies of Modi are creating problems within India and beyond the borders. The Prince is the book of Niccolo Machiavelli a great philosopher of his time. If Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi qualifies as a Prince of Machiavelli is a very important question. This is answered in the light of his policies and strategies to become the undisputed political leader of India. Much of the Machiavellian Prince deals with the problem of how a layman can raise himself from abject and obscure origins to such a position that Narendra Modi has been holding in India since 2014. The basic theme of this article is revolving around the question that is following: Can Modi’s success be attributed to techniques of The Prince in important respects? This article analyzed Narendra Modi's policies and strategies to develop an analogy between Machiavellian Prince and Modi in terms of characteristics and political strategies. This research work examines, how Narendra Modi became the strongest person in India.

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Comparison, India, Machiavelli, Modus Operandi, Narendra Modi


Article # 7
Volume # 2
Issue # 4

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