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Resisting Power in Discourse and Discourse in Power: Role of Discourse in Social and Gender Discrimination


  1. Mamona Yasmin Khan
    Assistant Professor , Department of English , The Women University Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
  2. Miss Mahnoor
    BS Student , Department of English , The Women University Multan, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Mohsin Hamid Butt
    Department of English Language and Literature , Lecturer , GIFT University, Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan


Power is implicit in discourse and used to maintain role relationships in society. The present study investigates how power is being dominated by the use of language. On the other hand, it would also analyze gender discrimination through discourse. The present research follows pragmatic paradigm using mixed method approach within the framework of Fair Clough (1989) and Van Dijk (1993). The data has been collected through social context and studying searching cultures of different countries. Analysis of the present research highlights the scenario of resisting power in discourse and discourse in power. The study is concluded with the result that use of discourse has a main role in social and gender discrimination. It also suggests that gender biased free and neutral language should be promoted to minimize these issues.


Discourse, Dominance, Gender Discrimination, Inequality, Patriarchal, Power, Social Construction, Social Discrimination


Article # 6
Volume # 1
Issue # 1

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DOI Number: 10.47205/jdss.2020(1-I)6
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