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Traditional Food Delicacies across the Balochistan


  1. Rahim Bakhsh
    Research Coordinator, BRACE Programme, Rural Support Programmes Network, Islamabad Pakistan
  2. Sarfraz Khan
    Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan


The current paper highlights the traditional food delicacies available in various parts of Balochistan province in Pakistan. An emphasis is given to the traditional food production and consumption with an especial focus on the role of culture and the festivities in the food preparation and consumption. The current research was conducted by using ethnographic research techniques such as; (a) key informant interviews (KIIs), (b) participant observation method (POM), and (c) in-depth interviews (IDIs) to get a comprehensive understanding about the food preparation and eating patterns in the sampled region. The ethnographic data reveals that most of the food is in practice since ages and the Baloch people process and consume in the same way as it had been done by their forefathers. The Baloch people feel it pride in cooking traditional delicacies for their guests and on special occasions. The food is prepared with full zeal and zest and consumed with sheer joy.

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Baloch Food Patterns, Balochistan, Festive Food, Food Delicacies, Pakistan


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