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Universal Interpretation and Principles of Statutory Interpretation: An Analytical Study


  1. Dr. Qamar Abad
    Incharge Ph.D Programme, School of Law, University of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Ghulam Murtiza
    Assistant Professor, College of Law, Government College University, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
  3. Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Ali Khan
    Director Administration, Punjab Higher Education Commission, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


This article is based on doctrinal methodology studying the principles of interpretation in wider scope. Interpretation whether of a statute, a word or a phrase, is of great significance to reach a conclusion with regard to its meanings and the intent of the originator. It is a very important area of academia having numerous principles for construing and constructing a given word, statement or a law. There are appropriate principles of interpretation in different fields including law.It has been observed through comparative study of interpretation of statutes with general interpretation and its principles laid down in the Holy Qur’an that they both lead to the same destination. The principles laid down in both the areas are similar and better described in the holy Book. The principles of interpretation of statutes devised over centuries in their excellence conform to the fundamental principles laid down in the Qur’an. A scholar may be benefited multiply by consulting the two together or parallel. The principles of interpretation of statutes humanly devised, when studied in comparison academically with the principles of interpretation laid down in Al’ Qur’an, benefit reciprocally both the scholars.

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Al’ Qur’an, Composition and Preservation, Constitution, Interpretation, Literal Rule of Interpretation, Mischief, Shan-e- Nuzool


Article # 8
Volume # 1
Issue # 3

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